A “Higher Experience” Yoga & Cannabis

Yoga and cannabis are intertwined in antiquity.

 It’s no secret that yoga and cannabis often work in tandem.  While the pairing of the two age-old healing methodologies is on the rise, it’s by no means a new trend.

Call it what you’d like- the most popular names are “Ganja Yoga”, “420 Remedy Yoga”, or simply “enhanced yoga”, but regardless of how you say it, Stoned Yoga is a rising trend.

At long last, just this decade, the herb’s status as a medicine is beginning to reemerge. With its gradual re-legalization, the public is relearning about its potential to help with a multitude of ailments, chronic pain and dis-ease, as well as to provide feelings of relaxation and bliss.

As yoga and cannabis have each established themselves in Western culture,  the fact that cannabis use is still a no-no among many serious yogis is quite frankly hypocritical. When you look at the early roots of yoga, it becomes evident that the plant is not only celebrated in yogic history, it may have influenced yoga’s earliest creation. CLICK HERE for more information

As such, Yogis in both Canada and the crunchy, granola states in the US are beginning to advocate for this “synergistic pairing”.  The one thing that most individuals agree on is that cannabis helps push mental and physical boundaries while practicing yoga. The effects aid not only the spiritual existence, but the physical body as well.

Cannabis use may allow people who would otherwise be unable to participate in yoga, due to chronic pain, extreme stress or anxiety, partake in the practice.

Individuals  with painful physical conditions who desperately need the therapeutic benefits of yoga are now starting to find relief through the use of cannabis, due to its immense pain relieving and overall relaxing qualities. Others who are so tense, stressed, or anxious that they are unable to practice yoga in a manner that provides all, if virtually any, of the full range of benefits the practice has to offer due to their inability to fully surrender and melt into the process are adamant about the fact that cannabis use enhances their yoga experience.


#Help_wanted Looking for a Cannabis Friendly Yoga Guide for programs – please call or send a message for more information if you’re interested

With all the BENEFITS stemming from a pinch of weed in the recipe of yoga, it might be time you tried it yourself. And after you boost your mind and soul with this exercise, don’t forget to ‘boast’ about it in your social circle – We look forward to hearing your feedback on this and numerous other topics – DON’T BE SHY – DROP BY CANNABIS CORNER CAFE Vape lounge & Info Center today – ASK about our “HIGHER EXPERIENCE YOGA CLASSES”  

#Help_wanted Looking for a Cannabis Friendly Yoga Guide for programs – please call or send a message for more information if you’re interested