Knowledge Empowers You

The controversial subject of cannabis has created quite a stir of whispers in our lil town – fortunately whispers are heard and I’m very thankful to the many supporters who’ve spoken in our favor.

By the same tokin’ (pun intended) – I truly respect the opinions of those disturbed by the legalization of Cannabis and/or our existence. Quite frankly, 20 yrs ago (or more) I may have rallied on their side.

However, thru experience and an exponential amount of research and study, I came to realize that I was mis-informed and there was a LOT of missing information about the value and benefit of this wonder weed  – as a direct result I’ve become the “POT” preacher of Penetanguishene

Education is empowerment, having an INFORMED opinion is essential.  I am not saying that Cannabis is the solution or salvation for all concerns or conditions – BUT it is a SAFE NATURAL OPTION FOR MANY as part of their health and wellness strategy – bottom line is, it’s your body, your life, your existence and your freedom to choose, to be given options – to make informed decisions.

Perhaps its for that reason in part that CANNABIS CORNER CAFÉ opened it’s doors… INFO IS POWER – TALK, THINK, LISTEN, LEARN, GROW it’s more than just a motto. 😊

That said… Don’t believe me, or your doc, your neighbor or friend; don’t trust the text you read or video you watched – DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH gather as much information as you can – TALK – LISTEN – THINK – GROW from all the resources around you.

The right and freedom to learn share and grow is still ours – use it, be informed when you use your voice, ask questions – share your opinion and value those of others.  COMMUNICATE the good, the bad, the ugly – it all matters.

Cannabis Corner Café Vape lounge and info center is open Wednesday thru Sunday 11-7 plus extra hours for programs activities and events – Feel free to drop by – don’t be shy, SHARE YOUR OPINION – SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE, have a coffee and a chat in a cannabis friendly environment free of discrimination, opposition & persecution 🙂