Many of the original cultures and people knew and understood that GOOD HEALTH meant more than just physical healing. For healing to truly be successful the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual had to be addressed. In our ego-centric driven healthcare system, mainstream western science rules and focuses primarily on the functions of the physical. A fascinating study – absolutely, but not enough knowledge or care for true and complete healthcare or healing.

There’s an old, old saying that it’s the spirit plus the person plus the medicine plus the healer that equals holistic health.

Native teachings, as I have come to understand them within my own cultural reference (Anishinaabe/Ojibwe) continue to have significant influence along this healing journey. A quick comparison of values….

Traditional Native Medicine: The primary focus takes an integrated, holistic approach to health; attention is given to the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual so that all aspects of the human condition can heal in synchronicity.

Significant emphasis is put on the prevention of disease. Each person is responsible for their own health and wellness, though there is significant guidance and support from peers and elders, as well as healers of Midewiwin . Health and sickness are considered and understood in accordance with the terms of the laws of nature. Traditional medicine is governed by the laws of creation: everything we need comes from earth – our food, medicines, water, education, spirituality and laws. The medicine man or woman is accountable to the creator, the people, and to the elders of the medicine society (Midewiwin). Medicine is not for sale, not for profit – it is a gift to be shared, because of this the land and the people support the medicine man/woman and his practice. Traditional native medicine encourages self-sufficiency, self-care and responsibility.

Western medicine by contrast takes an analytical approach; separation of body mind emotion and spirit. The emphasis is on disease and understood in terms of quantifiable scientific data. It is an impersonal scientific approach to health, sickness and treatment. Furthermore, western medicine is governed by laws of the state, man-made laws growing out of political-economic systems. Medicine is BIG BUSINESS, with good return on investment. The western medicine system encourages dependency and abdication of self-government by the people.

It’s your life – your body – your future and the mark you’ll make while you’re alive is all yours .
Take control and do something today that you’ll thank yourself for tomorrow.


Get Healthy, Be Strong, Stay happy!

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On that note: Be Happy, Get Healthy & Stay Strong