Marijuana Movements – The bowel, motility & cannabis

For all intents and purpose there’s no “ALL IN ONE PROBLEM OR SOLUTION”. HOWEVER INFORMATION IS POWER and understanding first HOW the bowel works can help to narrow your search for a solution.

….. investigate more through the links I found. These YouTube videos and websites offer GREAT information from the basics to the details!

* What Your Poop says about your health – DNews

* Is Your Poop Healthy? The Scoop on Poop!

* What Constitutes a Healthy Poop? Colon Cancer Answers

INFLAMMATORY BOWEL CONDITIONS often disrupt personal and professional activities – limiting an individuals potential AND to make it worse – PEOPLE SHY AWAY FROM TALKING ABOUT SHIT!

I bet we’d talk about them if they burst though – AND THAT IS EXACTLY what it can feel like for someone suffering from IBS.  Join me tomorrow FOR MORE INFORMATION  –

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