Good Gut Marijuana Diet

Introducing CANNABIS in the digestive tract, results in calming spasms, assuaging pain, and improving motility. Furthermore cannabis contains anti-inflammatory properties AND immune system modulators.

WHAT I AM SAYING IS…. BUD IS THE BOWELS BEST FRIEND when it comes to digestion.

decarboxylation-– ADD IT – IN SOME WAY, SHAPE OR FORM – TO EVERYTHING YOU INGEST- remember unless the cannabis product is decarboxylated – the psychoactive component THC is not released furthermore, HEMP one strain of Cannabis Sativa has LITTLE to NO THC

The CANNABIS plant NOT ONLY provides all the nutrients essential to our dietary requirements, it offers medicinal HEALING components beyond the power of any other plant known to mankind!

Here’s a great recipe to add it to the menu…



* PEPPERMINT OIL was something I stumbled onto in my studies, since then research has revealed that its ability to reduce muscle contractions in the bowel is because it inhibits the flow of calcium into muscle cells of the intestines

* SOLUBLE FIBER a diet high in fiber is essential BUT could make things less manageable. There are two kinds of fiber – Soluble and insoluble. BOTH ARE GOOD for us in general – BUT if you have gastrointestinal issues of any sort – SOLUBLE is the wiser choice promoting gentle regularity.

* WATER – FLUORIDE FREE – is an ABSOLUTE MUST for getting and keeping that colon flushed and toxin FREE. WATER may be the one ingestible substance that “IN MODERATION” rule does NOT APPLY

There are plenty of GREAT GUIDES available online – I’ve added the links to a few of my favorites on the blog – THE DON’TS of the diet are simple – if it irritates you – DON’T ! If you must however, BE KIND TO YOURSELF – where there is a will there is a way – I’m modifying recipes everyday SO AS TO NOT GIVE UP some of my favorites like CHOCO-MINT CAKE with a CREAMY COFFEE – BOTH are CANNABIS INFUSED.

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