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Prescriptions – Medical Cannabis Guide

As a Medical Cannabis Consultant, I can work with you and on your behalf. I am very well versed and a professional committed to connecting people in need of medical cannabis prescriptions with compassionate physicians and clinics that provide superior customer service.

I am well versed on the subject and can answer many of your questions. I help eliminate the stress and fear associated with the medical evaluation process & help you get legal access. As well as guidance choosing cannabis strains, consumption methods, concerns & curiosities.

The nominal fee charged  includes all the necessary support you require to get your medical cannabis prescription and or production licence; the support and guidance you receive simplifies the process, helping to reduce your fears or anxieties. I am here to assist you from the moment you book an appointment.

There are four easy steps involved in the process of working with Canadian Medical Cannabis Consultants. Each of these steps are necessary to adhere to the regulatory guidelines I must follow to ensure proper accountability in helping connect you with your medical cannabis prescription and desired Licensed Producer who will fill your prescription.  BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW: