Neuropathic Pain & Cannabis – Pot vs Pain (part 2)


The most common strategy to dealing with neuropathic pain is to treat the underlying issue (IE. diabetes or spinal trauma) and prescribe pain relievers. However, Clinical trials show that less than half of all patients suffering from neuropathic pain gain any meaningful relief from taking prescription drugs.

THE MAGIC OF MARIJUANA HOWEVER HAS PROVEN itself to be an EFFECTIVE & SAFE strategy for relieving pain and associated symptoms.

It’s good to know how pain occurs. This animation explains it quite well…

Depending on the underlying causes of neuropathy or neuropathic pain (i.e. diabetes, spinal injury or disease etc.) and the degree to which the injury or disease has affected your body to date, it may be logical to say that you will not be able to free yourself completely from pain. BUT you do have control over the pain management strategies you employ.

An extremely effective strategy to employ that is a SAFE, NON-TOXIC & NATURAL…THE WONDER WEED!

Why & How the cannabinoids gleaned from the cannabis plant work

Cannabis is extremely effective at relieving neuropathic pain. Cannabinoids that are found NATURALLY in the cannabis plant interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors found throughout the entire nervous system. Cannabinoids have analgesic (pain-killing) effects. It’s this knowledge that led to the study, which was titled “The Analgesic Effect of Vaporized Cannabis on Neuropathic Pain.”

What are cannabinoids?  This video explains it well

It has been said, and I paraphrase…

If CANNABIS were discovered today in some remote part of the world, it would be hailed as a medical breakthrough. Praised for its potential to treat everything from broken bones to cancer. Scientists would marvel at its rich pharmacopoeia. There is so much more to this WONDER WEED than just the “high”

Pharmaceutical companies have tried to capitalize on this with synthetic forms of isolated cannabinoids. This video quickly addresses them


Healthcare professionals are human and see hundreds of patients a year – chances are…. you are NOT his/her first priority … BUT, YOU SHOULD BE YOURS!  INFORMATION IS POWER – Should you decide that GREEN & CLEAN is the strategy you’d like to employ, the following are tools for your arsenal in the battle of “POT vs PAIN”

Delivery Methods:Understanding the different effects each of these delivery methods provide SHOULD have a tremendous impact on how you plan and implement your healing and wellness strategies.

Popular Strains among chronic pain sufferers

  • WHITE WIDOW: is the most famous strain in the world.  It is the most widely used strain for pain, stress and insomnia.
  • PURPLE KUSH: is in the top 10 of most powerful strains worldwide and is PERFECT for those who suffer from neuropathy and or severe chronic pain
  • CHEM DAWG: is the popular hybrid strain with an average THC count of somewhere between 18- 26%.  It’s  best for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety and chronic migraines
  • SUPER SILVER HAZE: is popular for taking the pain away immediately with a THC count of 21% on average.Very popular among chronic pain sufferers with high stress levels seeking the “energetic high”
  • JACK HER: has great THC count of 16-23% and CBD between 0.03- 0.2% and has a reported “blissful, clear headed” high.

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RESOURCES UTILIZED FOR PART ONE & TWO of Neuropathic pain and cannabis include: 

Pharmaceutical aid versus cannabis or marijuana use has become a big part of social conversation. Not everyone NEEDS nor WANTS an education on the subject.  And even if they do, discomfort  associated with the legalities, political stances and personal opinions can make it difficult for some to know how to take a stand – hence,..INFORMATION is POWER


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