“PAIN” is a general term that encompasses a wide range of conditions. NEUROPATHIC PAIN however is a specific type of pain that is usually a result of irritation or damage to a nerve. Affecting more than 5 million North Americans.  

With a rise in Type II diabetes, this number is expected to skyrocket.   It can be a devastating chronic condition, and in more that half of all cases it remains treatment-resistant…  In other words, clinical trials show that less than half of all patients suffering from neuropathic pain gain any meaningful relief from taking prescription drugs.

THE MAGIC OF MARIJUANA HOWEVER HAS PROVEN itself to be an EFFECTIVE & SAFE strategy for relieving pain and associated symptoms.(Jensen, Chen, Furnish & Wallace, 2015) (Baron, 2015) (McDonough, McKenna, McCreary & Downer, 2014).


To understand why… one must first understand what neuropathic pain is

Neuropathy is a common condition caused by damage to the nerves or a disruption between the nerves throughout the body and central nervous system causing weakness numbness and pain.. For most people, this pain affects the extremities – feet and hands in particular.  

Most common cause is diabetes or traumatic injury though it can also be caused by autoimmune diseases, medications, infections, tumors and alcoholism.  The symptoms are basically determined by what type of nerves are damaged…

    • Sensory nerve damage results in tingling, stabbing or burning pain.
    • Motor nerve damage results in muscle weakness and lack of coordination
    • Autonomic nerve damage cause problems with control functions like blood pressure, heart rate, digestion and elimination (bladder/bowel issues)

de537bbfb5197234a79bb6edc257ed6fThe most common strategy to dealing with neuropathic pain is to treat the underlying issue (IE. diabetes or spinal trauma) and prescribe pain relievers. The most common pharmaceuticals prescribed are opioid narcotics of some form. THEY ARE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE and HABIT FORMING with a horrifying mile long list of side effects that include organ damage, heart risk & death on the serious side.  The less serious side effects include things like irritability, constipation, diarrhea, nausea, sleep disruption, etc.

Furthermore, body adapts to opioids – making them less effective, and as a result an increase in dosage is required. As the opioid leaves the body (is flushed away) withdrawal symptoms occur.

THE PROBLEM WITH THIS STRATEGY is multifaceted but essentially the  primary factors that arise with creating a HEALTH and WELLNESS strategy include:

  • Health care professionals DO NOT seek alternative relief strategies first
    • Your healthcare professional is ONLY human and suffers the same human condition as the rest of us – they focus on what they know based on the information made available to them! 
    • Many are simply too busy with one patient after another and only do as much as they can with the tools they have
    • They seriously do not have the time YOU DO to invest in seeking alternative and/or appropriate therapy options for your particular condition and range of symptoms –
    • Healthcare professionals are fielding sales pitches and marketing ploys from the pharmaceutical reps on a very regular basis – and are influenced with bias


  • pharma-factsPharmaceutical companies are in business to make money not cures.
  • Patients ability to make informed decisions about their own healthcare
    • We’ve been conditioned by previous generations and a hyperbolic media to expect – things like: immediate solutions to ailments, the healthcare professionals to care as much about our health and wellness as we do, the government institutions to look after us. THIS MUST CHANGE! 
    • Taking responsibility for ones own self begins with the POWER OF INFORMATION. Understanding WHAT, WHY & HOW followed up with options A or B and a contingency plan is what the CANNABIS CORNER CAFE’S GREEN & CLEAN, EMPOWERED BY EDUCATION SERIES is all about – SUBSCRIBE TODAY

There are many ways to treat pain besides pharmaceuticals

PART TWO – POT VS PAIN describes the many ways which the curative powers of cannabis alleviate pain


CCC-Logo_Cannabis_corner_cafePharmaceutical aid versus cannabis or marijuana use has become a big part of social conversation. Not everyone NEEDS nor WANTS an education on the subject.  And even if they do, discomfort  associated with the legalities, political stances and personal opinions can make it difficult for some to know how to take a stand – hence,..INFORMATION is POWER


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